Game: Mage Of Mass Destruction

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About the Game:

Blast your way through endless hordes of attacking enemies with mighty explosions and powerful magic bolts.
Face the inhabitants of the animal kingdom, undead creatures and mystical beings… and watch them fly!

Touch the screen or drag your finger to cast spells and hit your enemies before they hit you. But watch your mana!
Collect powerups for additional boosts of magic energy, health, and more.

Simple to play and nevertheless constantly challenging through dynamic gameplay mechanics. Supporting Gamecenter: Show your skill and share your highscores and achievements with your friends!

The Project:

Together with two good friends, this game had been developed and finally released in 2012.
It is a fun little 3D game, made with Unity 3D for iOS devices.

We put in a lot of work and you can get it for only 99 cent on the App Store.
Try it out, and let me know what we could improve!

Download it on the App Store.

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