CD Package Design: Syntheziax – Layer 8

Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Layout, Package Design, Print


Design for the first album “Layer 8” by Syntheziax.

Images are 3D Renderings. The idea was to create a fruit in a synthetic, computerized look. This was achieved by creating a pear with simple cubes, creating a “Minecraft”-style look.

The layer 8 is missing, and a little worm comes out of this particular layer. This should be a hint to the German proverb “Da ist der Wurm drin” (There is a worm in it, which means that there is something very wrong with it). An allusion to the term “Layer 8” in Software Development, describing the worst possible user.

The complete package design was made by myself.

Feel free to listen to the songs on the Syntheziax website or on iTunes.


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