in front of the camera, which is very rare.

What I Do

Apps, Games and Digital Productions

No matter if it is a website or an app for mobile devices, I try to develop the right digital content for the platform it best suits. The User Experience plays a big role in what I do, as it has to be not only working, but it also has to be used. New technologies like the smart watches make the digital world even more interesting for me, and creating new and exciting concepts for the future is one of my goals.

Graphic Design

Whether it is a book cover or a corporate identity, it is always a great fun for me to think about how a certain theme or idea can be expressed with visual means. Experience in print and web development helps me to make sure that the finished product is exactly what one comes to expect.


My favourite and most practiced hobby is photography. It has become a passion and a way of expressing yourself. I always take a camera with me, may it be an old analog Nikon FM2 or the digital counter-part. The finger is always on the trigger, to never miss one of the best moments in life.

User Experience

User Experience design, or UX, is one of the major parts of my work. It takes a lot of preliminary research, use cases, best practices and more to create a positive, and sometimes, unique user experience.

User Interface & Front End Development

Another essential part of my work is the creation and development of User Interfaces for the Front End op websites and apps.


I'm currently working as UI/UX Designer at talkwalker in Luxemboug/City


My Clients and Partners